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Product Name: 3A-28BMP Tri-Clamp End True Y

Item No:3A-28BMP;    Material: 304SS & 316LSS ;   

Surface Treatment: Polished ID & OD, ID polished, OD polished, unpolished,tumbled;

Grit & Finish: 1. #400(Ra≤0.4μm) 2. #320(Ra≤0.5μm) 3. #240(Ra≤0.6μm) 4. #180(Ra≤0.8μm)

Application: dairy, beer, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biological engineering and etc. Industries;

28BMP Tri-Clamp End True Y
Size A Part Number
inch inch SS304 SS316L
1/2" 2.5 28BMP4-050 28BMP6-050
3/4" 2.5 28BMP4-075 28BMP6-075
1" 3.5 28BMP4-100 28BMP6-100
1-1/2" 3.5 28BMP4-150 28BMP6-150
2" 4.5 28BMP4-200 28BMP6-200
2-1/2" 5.5 28BMP4-250 28BMP6-250
3" 6.5 28BMP4-300 28BMP6-300
4" 8.625 28BMP4-400 28BMP6-400
6" 8.75 28BMP4-600 28BMP6-600
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