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Product Name: Aseptic Mounting Flange

Other names:

Close-Couple Aseptic Connectors
Nov Aseptic Connector
NovAseptic Connector tank connected
Close-Couple Aseptic Connectors
Nov Aseptic Connector
NovAseptic Connector tank connected

Close-Couple Aseptic Connectors
Nov Aseptic Connector
NovAseptic Connector tank connected

Functioning solution

Yoyond Aseptic Mounting Flange is an aseptic mounting flange for all types of equipment mounted to vessels with TC-connections such as temperature transmitters, level transmitters, sight-& gauge glasses and sample-valves with clamp connections. It gives superior CIP/SIP (Cleaning In Place/Steam In Place) performance and allows equipment to be flush mounted on top, bottom and side of a vessel. Flush-mounted connect probes, instruments,and valves to tanks.


The locking ring consists of two parts, in order to obtain double safety and easier mounting of the equipment. Yoyond Aseptic Mounting Flange is supplied as a complete unit and is welded to the vessel. Manufactured of (AISI304、 316L) stainless steel and available in different sizes and connection standards.


Eliminates dead legs.
Easy to clean/sterilise vessel equipment.
No ferrules or threads.
No air pockets during sterilisation.
Flexible flanging for different equipment.
Secured CIP/SIP procedure.
The mounting plate is designed to be welded to the vessel.